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daniel fast 2024
21 days of prayer & fasting

As a part of our 21 Days of Prayer for HHCC, many of us will be participating in the Daniel Fast. If you are new to the Daniel Fast, it is a commitment by each participant at the beginning of the year which consists of limiting your diet mainly fruit, vegetables, and water for 21 days (as found in the book of Daniel in both chapters 1 and 10). During the fast, we intentionally and intently seek the heart of God, and in turn, He sets the stage for the year in our worship. This promises to be a powerful experience on our worship journey as we pray and focus specifically on PASSION, and what it means to become a truly PASSIONATE follower Jesus.

This is your invitation to join us for the 2024 21 Days of prayer & Fasting at Highland Hills.

To better communicate with others participating in the fast, we have created a Facebook group you can join by clicking here. This group will be valuable in sharing prayer concerns, Daniel Fast recipes, and overall encouragement as we journey together.

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