Jesus Prom 2017


MARCH 28 AT 5:30 P.M.

Jesus Prom is an annual celebration held in honor of our special needs community. Over the past 3 years, volunteers throughout our church and community have gathered together  to show the love of Jesus to those in our community with physical and intellectual disabilities. This gathering is known as Jesus Prom and it's just that - a prom. It's open to anyone in the special needs community ages 16 and older. Best of all it's free! All you have to do is print out the registration form and waiver below, fill it out, and return it to Highland Hills Community Church P.O. Box 214. Glasgow Ky, 42141 or contact the church at or call (270)361-5117 and we can get forms/waivers to you and then show up at Highland Hills Community Church in your favorite prom attire at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 28th.



Here is what to Expect:

When you arrive at Highland Hills, you will be directed to the registration/check in area. From there you will have the opportunity have hair/make-up done.Then you will meet your date, enjoy a short limo ride to the entrance of the prom and be cheered on down the red carpet. Once inside, you will have your photograph taken and then dinner with your date. After that the party begins!!